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Jacob Bailey

I started riding bikes when I was about 17 years old as just something to do in between school sports. Until one day I met a good group of friends in Temecula at my local skate park and after a full day of riding I was hooked, and wanted to do it everyday after that. I started watching videos and learning tricks to try and catch up with all my friends who were a lot better then me. I rode with Travis Hughes, Brad Moore, Connor Nex, Dylan Moore and a bunch of others but that was the main group out of my hometown. Growing up my favorite rider and still to this day is Pat Casey along with Kevin Peraza. Crazy enough they are both like brothers to me now and are huge inspirations in my riding. After meeting Pat one day i asked to ride all the time, he was nice enough to let me come over to ride his ramp. Seeing him ride really pushed me to give BMX 100% and try and become to a pro. Since then I have competed at multiple pro contests and I am constantly pushing the limits of my riding. I love riding park, dirt, street, just being on my bike in general brings me happiness. Make sure to follow me and watch as I travel the world, have fun with friends, and push the limits of my sport.

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